recently completed: US59 montrose bridges

With an official unveiling the week before Houston's 2017 Super Bowl, the relighting of these six bridges received extensive press and caused much excitement across the Houston area. G2LD devised a dynamic lighting scheme for the matching bridges which span US 59 within the Montrose district.

The relit bridges create a new iconic look for a heavily traveled section of the Bayou City.
State-of-the-art wireless controls allow the bridges to coordinate their color sequences
even though they are spread over many miles.

Color changing lights give the bridges an ever-changing look and create a light show
both for travelers along the freeway and neighbors passing over the bridges

The new lighting uses color changing LEDs to illuminate the arches inside and out, as well as to light the signature trusses so that that the dynamic new designs can be appreciated both by those crossing under on the freeways and over through the neighborhoods. State-of-the-art wireless controls allow coordination of colors across all bridges as well as with color-changing signage throughout the neighborhood.

Individually addressable LED fixtures allow the bridges to display a wide range
of colors and patterns and to change for holidays, sports teams, and other
local celebrations. Seen here is a nod to area Mardi Gras festivities.

A combination of linear LEDs along the arches along with truss
flood lights allows for soft, subtle effects along with the more dramatic.

Displaying different colors from opposite sides enhances the graceful structure of the bridge

New modern LED pole lights were also added to the bridges
for increased driver and pedestrian safety.

Much effort was taken in specifying specific beam spreads
and glare control devices along with exact aiming
to minimize glare to any travelers.

By lighting both the inside and outside of the arches with linear LED
tubes as well as the trusses with flood lights, the bridges' light show can be
enjoyed by drivers on the freeway below as well as drivers and pedestrians
crossing through the neighborhood.

A crowd gathers to see the light show as the bridges are officially turned on for the first time.

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